Earth’s friends

Choosing us means you are joining our hundreds of happy customers who choose to “be a part of the solution, not a part of the pollution”.

We do not use single-use plastic boxes, cutlery, or bags. We use reusable or biodegradable alternatives whenever and wherever possible.


People-oriented solutions

We understand what clients need to take care of their staff with the planned budget, thanks to our experience in HR and administration jobs at multinational companies with thousands of employees.

So, let’s talk about your wish, and we will help you find suitable solutions to make your people happy with our services.


Free Your Day

FYD means Free Your Day.

We aim to free your day from trivial concerns (e.g., what to have for lunch, where or when to purchase more coffee for the staff, etc.).

So, let’s talk about your expectation, and we will find suitable solutions to free your day.


Three brothers were born in a plastic packaging manufacturing plant.

They spent a very short tenure to serve humankind. People drank water from their body, and then threw them into recycle bins. 

The first brother was brought to a huge dump. The rain washed him, flowed and absorbed highly toxic compounds from him and the dump, and moved into ground water, soil, and ecosystems. He continued such a life for approximately 1,000 years.

The second brother floated on a stream that flowed into a river, and then reached the ocean. Thinking that he was food, a tuna swallowed him. He had a chance to indirectly serve humankind once again, when people ate the tuna. 

The third brother was on a truck to a plant. Machines squeezed him flat, shredded him into tiny pieces, and melted him. He was reborn as something new.

That’s the story about the 3 PET plastic bottles.

What about the dumps? After being served quickly by plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic boxes…, people sometimes gather to clean the trash. They are appreciated for their good deed. 

Meanwhile, there are mothers or wives (or sometimes fathers or husbands) who are silent at home, taking care of meals for those who clean the trash and those who do not. Day after day, they wonder what to prepare for the meal so that it is not disliked by anyone in the family or disliked by as least as possible. They are not recognized for any good deed.

Hence FYD.Cơm has been born, to help free the days for customers. And also to help remove plastic bottles from daily life, and help bring recyclable things to recycling plants so that they are reborn as helpful items.